Open the Cage and No One Flies Out

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Yesterday was supposedly the end of our Mask Mandate here in New Jersey. Free, free, free at last!

So we went to the grocery store. There were a lot of people shopping, and I was the only one not wearing a mask. My wife, waiting in the parking lot, said she must’ve seen at least 50 people go into the store and not one of them (except me) wasn’t wearing a mask.

Got the sheeple trained real good, don’t they?

I mean, could we back off a couple steps and just take a look at this? First the experts call the face masks useless, then we’ve got a mandate and they’d like us to wear two at once. First the whole idea that King COVID escaped from the Chicoms’ mad scientist lab in Wuhan was only a krazy konspiracy theory. Now it’s something that has to be “investigated.” By a “president” whose whole family is in the Chicoms’ pocket! Can you say “towering gigantic conflict of interest”?

They’ve been playing games with us from Day One of this COVID mess, changing definitions of their terms from week to week, telling lies and tall tales, scaring us…

So now when they open the cage they’ve built for us, no one flies out.

They’ve really done a number on us.

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  1. Amazing. The same thing happened here in this little village yesterday. I went to the store, and lo and behold- the big pink mask required sign was gone- happy day! But- when I got inside without my mask, I was almost the only one inside without a mask. Shoppers and employees alike were still wearing them. I was dumfounded. There was one checker without a mask (it was hanging down around her neck). I will never understand the human mind. And this is Idaho- supposedly the most independent, democrat defying state. wow

  2. It’s what I’ve been saying all along: When you spend a year training people to think of everyone around them as a danger to themselves and themselves as a danger to everyone around them — and of the magic talismans on their faces as the only things that will protect them — of course people will cling to their magic talismans and shrink from the infectious vermin all around them. It isn’t even a rational thought process any more. It’s a conditioned reflex, as with Pavlov’s dogs.

    1. Deliberate or not, it is an exercise in conditioned response. We’ve been off the mask mandate for over a month, but I still see some drones wearing one. I’ve even seen people wearing a mask while alone in their cars. That is a level of ignorance that staggers my mind.

  3. It was the same way in Texas when the mask mandate was dropped. Businesses were still requiring them and people were still wearing them. I have to say it has gotten a lot better since then. Most businesses have ditched masks and and less people are voluntarily wearing them. But I’m convinced there always will be a subset of people who will continue to wear them for the rest of their lives.

    1. As hard as it is to believe, some people liked to be told what to do.

    2. It astounds me that anyone would seek to be dominated. Ultimately, I think it comes down to mental laziness and refusal to accept responsibility for oneself.

    3. It also comes down to the massive tide of fear porn gushing out of your Free & Independent Nooze Media every day and every night.

    4. There definitely is a lot of fear involved, even in people who should know better. But then again, how can they know better if they don’t know about alternative information sources outside of Big Tech/Gov?

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