‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’ (Ernie Ford)

Self-styled “liberal Christians” don’t like this hymn and have been trying to weed it out of the liturgy. Well, they don’t like me, either.

Onward, Christians Soldiers–sung with gusto by Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Wake up, O church!

7 comments on “‘Onward, Christian Soldiers’ (Ernie Ford)

  1. I love this song. And Ernie Ford does a great job with it.
    We really are in a war now, and we need all the Christian soldiers to join the battle.

  2. I’m frantically trying to catch up with a bunch of paperwork and haven’t had much time for commenting. But I’ll be baaaaack. 🙂

  3. Great song and message. The Lord always has His remnant which makes the church’s journey through this fallen world unstoppable. The Caesars couldn’t stop it, the French Revolution couldn’t stop it, Hitler couldn’t stop it, Lenin & Stalin couldn’t stop it, and Moa and his Leftist atheists friends won’t be able to stop it either because all power in heaven and earth has been given to Jesus.

  4. Time to stand up and fight. We have the full armor of God – not as if we were helpless. Move out!

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