My Experiment: Still No Progress

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I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’d be just as well off stuffing a message into a bottle and throwing it into the sea.

My blog is in a state of demise and I don’t know why. I strongly suspect Google is stifling me. Here are the clues. I don’t know how to add them up, but maybe one of you do.

*For ten years I picked up a few new followers a week, every week. Since May 11, zero new followers.

*Ten years of solid growth in readership. 2020 was our best year ever. But in 2021, viewership is shrinking. Shrinking fast.

*Facebook used to censor many of my posts. Now they’re ignoring them. Have the Big Tech oligarchs found a new way to silence conservatives? A way that works better than outright banning our posts? Just make ’em really hard to find.

*Viewer numbers for individual posts are way now. In a typical day, until just recently, at least one and often two posts received 20 or more views each. Now no post gets 20 views.

*I am doing nothing differently from what I did for ten straight years.

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Robert Stack, where are you when I need you?



11 comments on “My Experiment: Still No Progress

  1. I would be suspicious of WordPress’ statistics. I don’t mean to sound cynical, but IMHO, their platform has declined precariously over the last five years. It appears to me that it is being operated as cheaply and incompetently as I could imagine. I’m no expert on Internet metrics, but if WordPress’ metrics are in keeping with the rest of their operation, I wouldn’t trust them in the least.

  2. Lee, if it helps i read your blog on an RSS reader and don’t use wordpress usually. I’m on substack and recommend it.

    1. Haha well basically I subscribe to your blog through an app on iphone called Reeder. Look it up. Second, go to and read about their services where you can give free subscriptions or charge and not worry about ads. Feel free to email me for other repated questions. I’d be glad to help where able.

    2. You have no way of knowing how backward I am, technologically. I have no apps. I don’t even know what an app is. For me this stuff is like high school chemistry–in one ear and out the other, I just can’t grasp it.
      But even so, things were going just fine here at for years… until this year.

      There has to be a reason why, but I don’t know it.

  3. I am having a lot of confusing and frustrating situations with everything on computer, even including my bank account. The bank is having difficulty in a lot of areas, and all this is driving everyone up the wall.

  4. Yep, you got that right. Just two years ago, I had a little mac mini and I could do anything I wanted on it, with no problem, but that was before the “great reset”. Now, I’m bumfuzzled most of the time.

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