‘Public School Caper: Holocaust Denial’ (2014)

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Once upon a time in California, some 2,000 eighth graders were assigned to write an essay, “Did the Holocaust really occur?” When people found out about it, though, “school officials” had to back off.

Public School Caper: Holocaust Denial

But what are we thinking? Everybody–well, all Democrats, at least–loves Red China: and they’ve got concentration camps. You don’t see anybody turning China into an international pariah for throwing some 2 million Uighurs into concentration camps. Has anybody brought it up in Congress lately?

General Eisenhower demanded the German concentration camps be filmed–because, he said, it wouldn’t be long before people started denying that this ever happened.

But it’s happening now, and liberals are cool with it.

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  1. Many of the events in today’s Middle East have, at the very least, some roots in the politics of Germany in the 1930s and 1940s. This is part of an even longer concerted effort to undermine the descendants of Abraham, which has been happening since the days of Ishmael and Isaac.

    I have personally experienced having someone deny what happened in Germany and even defend Hitler. This was a person whom I watched transition from rationality to Holocaust denial and flat-earth beliefs. It was an amazing thing to see, just how quickly a person could descend into delusional thinking.

    What we are seeing is unsurprising in view of Jesus’ words in Matt 24:10-11: “And at that time many will fall away, and they will betray one another and hate one another. 11 And many false prophets will rise up and mislead many people.” While many people remember Jesus’ words about nations rising against one another, in Matthew 24, it is often overlooked that false prophets are a significant part of Jesus’ prophecy.

    These days, it’s hard to know who to believe. History has been re-written before our eyes and contemporary events are reported quite differently, depending upon which media source is doing the reporting. The Holocaust was recorded, due to the foresight of Eisenhower, but even in the face of graphic evidence, there are people that promote their contrary view.

    Ultimately, falsehood has one common source, and I find that this makes it much easier to discern the truthfulness or untruthfulness of information. In John 8:44, Jesus identified the Devil as the father of the lie. This is a tool we can use to evaluate sources of information. If someone promotes ungodly behavior, it’s a cinch that they are not speaking truths from God. When people seek to undermine history, in such a way as to excuse, or even promote wickedness, we know that these people are not promoting things which come from the father. When someone seeks to deny the Holocaust, they are promoting a regime that committed many crimes against humanity and caused untold millions of deaths. It was also a regime that ended in ignominy, with its highest leader committing suicide, and some of his closest followers doing likewise. In the final analysis, this set of beliefs will be discredited, but the immediate intention is to vilify Israel and to attempt to undermine God’s eternal promise to Abraham.

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