If They’re So Smart…

October 2010 - Schoolcraft College Pageturners Book Club

I’m still plodding through The Dumbest Generation by Mark Bauerlein, and my question is… If they’re so smart, why are they so dumb?

The mass of proof rounded up by the author is little short of overwhelming; but even so, some whopping errors shine through.

“Experts” hail the “digital generation” as the smartest ever, tech-savvy, they’ve got a whole new way of thinking, blah-blah-blah. But has anyone noticed that a lot of these experts make their living by manufacturing and selling “educational electronics”? The more they sell, the better for them. So it’s great for them, whenever a school district decides the only way to go–even if they have to cut out some academic courses to raise the money for it–is… of course!… digital.


Another source of confusion is studies that focus on the few really bright students out there and ignore the rest. “The best of the best are really smart!” Again, duh…

It’s a rather distressing read. Our intellectually hollowed-out educators are diving headfirst into the digital age and seem to be completely unaware of the intellectual poverty they create among their students. Some “authorities” (LOL) actually claim that kids don’t need historical facts to acquire a deep understanding of history!

Nor does it seem to bother any of the experts that most of the students wind up using their electronic doo-dads for frivolous activities–messaging each other ’round the clock, playing hours and hours’ worth of computer games, trying to think up weird ways to become YouTube celebrities, etc. They’re not using these resources as a way to acquire knowledge.

This is why it’s so easy for Far Left teachers’ unions and college professors to turn their students into useful idiots.

Get your kids out of public education before it’s too late.

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