Norbert Teen Idol Digital

I know the headline makes no sense, but I’ve just read that you have to pepper your posts with key words or they don’t stand a chance with the search engines.

That wore me out, so I just watched Norbert instead. See those little legs go! I’m already fed up with key words. Coccyx. Spinach. Equity. Fanabla!

7 comments on “Norbert Teen Idol Digital

  1. You got me with this one. I just returned from an eye exam, they put drops in my eyes to dilate, and they blinded me so badly, that 3 hours later, I have extreme vertigo and half blindness. I have to go again tomorrow for a follow up without the dilation. (if I’m able to make it). This is the weirdest thing I have had yet.

  2. Oh, Erlene, I’m so sorry you’re having this problem. I wish we could send Norbert to you to comfort you. (He really is a darling, isn’t he?)

    1. Some of them are like little hamsters with their speedy little legs. Besides, being close to the ground they don’t have to drag a lot of top-heavy mass over and around things.

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