Norbert on the Rampage

It was escapades like this that got Norbert barred from Asia. Imagine if that wrapping paper were a herd of water buffalo. How many would escape uneaten? And there was that time the elephants refused to come out of their corral because Norbert was out there… waiting.

Norbert: The Showdown

Okay, so it’s a showdown with a sheet. Much safer than a gunfight!

I don’t mean to overdo it, but I think I ought to grab Norbert videos while I can get them. The demand is insane! Sooner or later there’ll be Norbert impersonators.

Sanity Break: More Norbert

Had enough nooze yet? I have!

A few moments with Norbert should ease some of the pain.

Emergency Norbert Video

It’s only 20 seconds long or so, but you’ve gotta take whatever Norbert you can get. The video’s three years old, so presumably the baby can toddle after Norbert without need of that machine. I don’t know what those things are called. I had to learn to walk without one. Anyway, here’s Norbert setting the example for baby’s future walks.

Here, Norbert!

Sorry! I just can’t resist Norbert, and it’s futile to try.

I’m hoping he can pull me back up to the 300-view mark that I enjoyed all last year until the algorithms cut me off at the knees.

Wish I could sic Norbert on ’em.

Fearsome Scary Norbert

I know it’s a short video, but Norbert’s the cutest dog in the world and I’ll take what I can get. Warning: Do not watch this video if you have a preternaturally weak heart and are terrified of fluffy little dogs.

Norbert vs. Godzilla

I guess I ought to change that headline, because I don’t Godzilla’s going to show up. So Norbert will do a few little tricks for us instead.

After a long day of sloshing around in the nooze, Norbert’s just the ticket.

Bonus Video: Norbert Be-Ribboned

They really can’t keep up with the demand for Norbert videos, so here’s one from six years ago.

Who would’ve thought you could take a great fierce dog like that and wrap him in a ribbon? Well, it keeps him from playing with Godzilla…

Norbert on the Rampage

I hate to use up Norbert videos, but this one I couldn’t resist.

This video is from six years ago, when Norbert was wild, fierce, and unpredictable. Then he went to bed.

The dirty socks didn’t even have a chance.

Celebrity Norbert!

I do wish this video were longer, but a minute of Norbert is a minute of joy. He hasn’t yet graduated to feature-length movies. A proposal to remake Gone With the Wind with Norbert in the role of Admiral Halsey fell through when they couldn’t find an aircraft carrier.