Hairy White ‘Flash’ Caught on Camera!

Good evening. I am still trying to make my headlines more alluring to readers. I am also trying to talk like Alfred Hitchcock.

Ah, well, I couldn’t resist this Norbert video. One of his humans came back from the store or something, and he’s excited about it. Joie de vivre!

Norbert to the Rescue (Maybe)

What ho! Maybe Norbert the 3-pound therapy dog can inject a little energy into this befuddled morning.

I’ve never seen a dog run sideways, but here’s Norbert doing it. My cats did it when they were kittens but have since grown out of it. Norbert runs sideways because he’s excited. I wonder what’d happen if I tried it.

The Furry Gourmet

(That last video was a bit short, so here’s some Norbert for you.)

Will you get a load of that dog’s dinner? I know Norbert’s a beloved Youtube star, but that meal’s really something. But I don’t know: some people just love to feed animals. You should’ve seen the salads my mother used to make for my iguana.

Bon appetite, O little white fuzzy person.

Special Treat: Norbert & the Sheets

This little character has become a Youtube star–Norbert, the 3-pound dog who can run like the wind, dodge like a super-ball… and can’t keep his tongue in his mouth. He also looks like he must’ve escaped from a Star Wars movie (who would blame him for that?), but he’s a certified mixed-breed dog.

Anyway, enjoy him as he stakes his claim to the humans’ bedsheets.