You Wanted More Norbert?

Well, okay, here’s a Norbert video I hadn’t posted yet. I hope his growing fame doesn’t make him haughty (and how many times have you seen that word used, lately?). This amazing little dog is loved all over the world.

Hands off, Hollywood!

Norbert Gets a Treat

Sorry–but I’ve had a rotter of a day, and I need some Norbert.

Aaaah! That’s better!

I’ve probably posted this before: there are only so many Norbert videos out there. But it still works for me; and I’ll bet he works for you, too.

Happy Birthday, Norbert!

He’s only a tiny little therapy dog, but thanks to the Internet, Norbert brings joy and “awwwws” to millions of people all over the world.

I say we all need some Norbert in our lives. And kittens, too.

Norbert in Action

I hope I haven’t posted this before; but heck, the world needs more Norbert videos. More Norbert.

This video was originally entitled, “When you drink too much coffee,” but I think it was Norbert practicing the moves he’d use against… oh, Bigfoot. Or something like that.

Norbert Shows a Blanket Who’s Boss

I hope I haven’t posted this video before, but what the heck, it’s Norbert. I think we all need some Norbert. I know I do.

Watch his three solid pounds of canine fury teach the blanket a lesson it won’t forget.

Grooming Norbert

Believe it or not, after what he did to the last four persons who tried to groom him, Norbert can still get volunteers for this incredibly hazardous task. Well, some people just can’t be happy unless they’re doing something dangerous…

Norbert Strikes Back

For those of you who insist on something fuzzy in a critter video, turn we unto Norbert, all three pounds of him. I don’t know what he strikes back against, but I’m sure he’s taken care of it by now.

I don’t know about you, but this little guy never fails to make me smile.

Planet of the Norberts

I’m so tired, I could plotz. But you’re never too tired for Norbert. All 3 pounds of him.

They’re putting him through his paces, for which he earns tasty treats. I am trying to track down a science fiction movie in which a spaceship full of Norberts invades the earth.

Norbert vs. Godzilla!

Gee, I’m sorry, folks, but Godzilla just never showed up! So all we have to show in this video is Norbert waiting for him.

We need a bit of Norbert in our lives, don’t you think?

Bonus Video: Norbert, Action Hero

All right, that duckling video was awfully short. So here’s an even shorter Norbert video. I think Norbert is auditioning for a role in The Equalizer 3 as Denzel Washington’s ferocious sidekick.