Crazy for Mice?

Now that’s eccentric. Big-time eccentric: building a hobbit village in your garden… for mice. But that’s just what this man named Simon has done. Obviously the English have not forgotten how to be eccentric.

I’ve had many pet mice, and I can tell you they’re affectionate, adaptable, and very intelligent. If a mouse could live ten years, he’d be practicing law.

These are wild mice, in the video. Now that they’ve got nice houses of their own, they don’t come into Simon’s house.

There’s something very Beatrix Potter about this…

7 comments on “Crazy for Mice?

  1. This made my day. The love we have for animals strikes me as being a glimmer of how humans and animals will interact when God restores creation to its original glory. We obviously have a natural love for animals and many animals seem to have, at the least, a curiosity about humans.

    The most common wildlife, in my neighborhood, are deer, cottontail rabbits and deserts hares. The deer are so tame that if you go outside with an object in your hands, they will approach you, in hopes that whatever you are carrying might be edible. Occasionally, I have found myself within 10’ or so of a desert hare. That is one of my definitions of a good day. 🙂 They are large, and appear very rugged and capable, but they have as soft and beautiful of a face as any domestic rabbit. Even though they are the kings of the Leporodae world, they are actually quite timid and gentle. If they detect anything even remotely threatening, they will sprint away quite quickly.

    But, going back to the video, this fellow has shown quite the imagination and a serious regard for wildlife. It’s really a win-win situation, with the mice enjoying a secure place to live and, in turn, they have no motive to enter his house.

    Every creature has its own beauty and reflects the wonders of our Maker. Some are not compatible with humans. You don’t want a Wolverine moving into your area, but many animals are at least adaptable to human living spaces. It’s all part of God’s wonderful plan.

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