‘”John Carter” Movie: Boo! Hiss! Away Wi’ Ye!’ (2012)

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Those old Bob Abbett covers were the best.

I started reading Edgar Rice Burroughs’ “John Carter” books in junior high and have enjoyed them ever since. These are glorious works of art, the best books Burroughs ever wrote. And of course I used to wonder how they might translate to a movie.

Aaaaaagh! They don’t!

‘John Carter’ Movie: Boo! Hiss! Away Wi’ Ye!

Just more proof that Disney Corp has taken the noon balloon and has nothing to offer anymore.

You may wonder what I’m doing, talking about movies on a Sunday.

Well, when the movies are this bad, someone ought to say something. It points to moral and spiritual problems elsewhere.

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  1. We certainly do have moral and spiritual problems everywhere, and I do mean every where! It is sickening to observe what is generally called secular. There is nothing secular about it; rather, it is filth, straight from the pit of hell.

  2. Quite independent of this post, just yesterday, I was thinking about how so little of our contemporary entertainment is worthwhile. Part of this is the fact that they have reduced movie making (and songwriting, and television production) to a series of research-driven steps that replace creativity with formulas designed to manipulate the audience. Why stick with a story when you can stage events in such a manner as to send 32.716% of the audience to go to the concession stand and order a large popcorn and a genuine, high-fructose corn sweetener, Pepsi-Cola at precisely 00:52:37 into the presentation.

    The story is nothing more than a framework for manipulating the audience. Scenes, and even specific lines of dialogue are selected for immediate response and the integrity of the story is a secondary consideration.

    Worse than that, in our times, they have to give a nod to every segment of society, just to prove that they are accepting of everything. So the integrity of the story may have to be sacrificed on the alter of political correctness. When the movie Apollo 13 came out, there were critics that actually complained because all of the people working in the control room were men. That this was historically accurate never even occurred to these people.

    So it’s no surprise that even the vaunted Disney company would manage to mangle a story.

    1. And with no one out there reading, it’s easy to get away with an incoherent story. Who in the audience has ever read one.

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