Christian Blogger: ‘Be Likeminded’ (Rom 15:5)


Some Christian blogs are harder than others to post here–but we should all do that for one another, inasmuch as we can.

So let’s see if I can give you “Kristi Ann’s Haven” today…

(I won’t be able to see whether it worked until after it’s posted.)

The thing I love about the Epistle to the Romans is the host of real people who come in at the end, when St. Paul salutes them. These are our fathers and mothers in the faith!

(Well, let’s see if it worked.)

Well, OK, it did! And if you scroll down a little on the original, you’ll see a picture of beautiful grapes on the vine. How that brings me back to my grandpa’s house! He had a nice grape arbor that bore abundant fruit every year.

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