Well, Bad Guys, What Are You Waiting For?

Lace Shorts For Men Are Here To Keep You Chilled This Summer - LADbible

Hey, here’s an idea!

Transfer pictures of men in see-through lace shorts and shirts onto the biggest billboards we can find, and set them on top of all the highest mountains, with a flashing neon sign that reads, in letters ten feet tall, “Yo, bad guys and tyrants of the world! Come on over here and conquer us! Look at this picture–you could take us just by frowning at us! We’re ready for the pot–just come and get us!”

I actually know where you can buy these, er, garments… but I’m not going to reveal that information. Previewed in popular fashion magazines, they’re supposed to be the next big thing.

I thought getting conquered by Red China was gonna be the next big thing.

One comment on “Well, Bad Guys, What Are You Waiting For?”

  1. Great Scott! What next? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though. Women have been wearing fly front jeans for a long time. I wouldn’t think of putting on fly fronts, but there are plenty of women who do.

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