‘Trendy Church Leaders, Beware’ (2018)

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You do wonder, sometimes, what goes on in seminaries–at least, when you see the kind of graduates coming out of seminaries. A little tag from Revelation springs to mind: “the synogogue of Satan” (Rev. 2:9).

Trendy Church Leader, Beware

Standing in front of the camera, trumpeting their support for Planned Parenthood–have they no fear of God?

I doubt that they believe in Him.

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  1. There is obviously no fear of God, and therefore there is no wisdom. I would hate to hear the words: “depart from Me, I never knew you” but I think that is what they will hear if they do not repent.

  2. The scripture you cite, from Malachi 2, comes in the context of a rebuke to the priests of Ancient Israel, whom had taken to doing bad. They were supposed to live exemplary lives according to the Law, but instead, these priests were practicing sin. Specifically, they had divorced the wives they took as young men, breaking up families and causing distress. Back in that day, a divorced woman was probably going to spend the rest of her life in poverty; there weren’t a lot of good paying jobs available to someone in that situation.

    God is not going to be fooled and He knows what is in the hearts of those who claim to serve him. If someone is claiming to be a spiritual leader, they should be teaching God’s standards, instead of fighting for their pet causes. It’s ok, God knows and they will have to answer for their choices.

    1. That’s why I stick to only what I read in the Bible and do not trust any man to be my spiritual leader. I listen to what others have to say, but I do not accept fanciful explanations,made up by men. The Bible is the standard and even well meaning clerics have been known to deviate from scripture.

    2. Nevertheless, the Bible itself offers many examples of good teachers, starting with Jesus Himself. I think we could have all profited from instruction by Peter or Paul.

  3. Yes, that is one of the saddest parts of the whole thing. They are responsible for all those other lives- at least in part. Of course, we are all responsible for our own errors, but teachers are held to a higher standard.

    1. I always like to remember the Great White Throne judgment, in Revelation. Scrolls willl be opened and judgment rendered. Our deeds are known by God and these are the criteria which will be used for judgment.

  4. In Eureka Springs, AR is the giant Christ of the Ozarks statue where the Passion Play is portrayed. The city has been infiltrated by the homosexuals, and today someone has placed a huge banner on the statue that reads: GOD BLESS ABORTIONS.

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