By Request, ‘It’s Beginning to Rain’

This request from Erlene slipped through the cracks at first, but here it is now–It’s Beginning to Rain, sung by the Bill Gaither Trio.

Our hymn contest has really slowed down in its first few days, and it’s not the fault of the trusty readers who so often request hymns. But some of you never do.

Hymns glorify God… so let’s do this!

7 comments on “By Request, ‘It’s Beginning to Rain’

  1. Thank you for bringing this up. I had never heard this particular version, and I love it. It starts my day very well.

  2. I just remembered another great song: I Asked the Lord by the great singer Carroll Roberson. Oh, how I enjoy listening to him.

  3. Great. The more the merrier. I am saving this one to listen to again. I have already listened twice, but I want more.

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