What? They Don’t Like Communism?

In photos: Thousands of Cubans take to the streets for anti-government  protests

Thousands of protesters have hit the streets in dozens of cities in Cuba, demanding an end to its communist dictatorship and a restoration of liberty (https://thepostmillennial.com/breaking-thousands-protest-in-cuba).

Things are so bad in Cuba, even the police (!) have joined the demonstrators. But not to worry: government goons, “repression squads,” have been sent out to quell the protests.

It seems a lot of people in Cuba are very, very tired of their country’s feeble communist economy which can’t provide food or jobs or decent housing, tired of the Party calling on them to rat each other out, tired of the Internet being shut down to keep them from communicating with the rest of the world, and just fed up to the gills with the whole sorry business.

Silly rabbits. Communism always creates poverty, repression, and a climate of fear. Western liberals must be the only people in the world who don’t know that.

But they look at the disaster that is Cuba, or Venezuela… and they want the same for our country.

Maybe they should have the goons go door to door to persuade people to just shut up already.

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  1. A lot of this baloney fails in Idaho. Not long ago, a group tried to treat one of our cities like Portland or Seattle, and they immediately got run out of town with their tails between their legs. They were met with a group of very determined citizens who assured them that they weren’t having any.

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