Biden: More School, More School!

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(Actually, I think I’d like this toy. And it’d be more useful than a degree in Superhero Studies.)

America is already reeling under the burdensome folly that says that Everybody has to go to college. Now a man who claims to be president says 12 years of public school is not enough, we’ve gotta raise it to 14 (

The dodderer’s $1.8 trillion “American Families Plan”–that’s rich–will include free! two years of junior college!

We’ve gotta do this because, he said, 12 years in school just isn’t enough anymore, the rest of the world has “caught up to us” and will out-educate us–

Great balls o’ fire. If you can’t out-educate America’s colleges, you have no business being a country in the first place! How many foreign countries, do you think, are spending trillions of dollars to collect millions of students with degrees in Gender Studies? If Biden thinks his buddies in Red China are doing that, he has about another 50 thinks coming… or however many he needs to get it right.

Is the end game here to keep people in the freakin’ classroom till they’re 35? Or 40?

It would be more humane–and lots cheaper–just to offer diplomas free inside a box of Froot Loops.

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  1. All this “free” education … does this mean the teachers are going to work for free? How about the administrators? The janitors and maintenance staff? How about utilities? If the utility companies give the schools free service, who’s going to pick up the tab for THEIR payroll and maintenance costs, not to mention supplies? And so on. Somewhere along the line, someone is going to get the bill. And it’s usually the poor slobs who thought they were getting everything for free.

    Too bad they don’t teach basic economics in all that “free” education. And by basic economics, I don’t mean Marxist smoke and mirrors. Some Thomas Sowell would be a good start. His work is even a good read.

    1. And where are those additional trillions of dollars going to come from? See above: “poor slobs who thought they were getting everything for free.”

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