Cat Zoomies–In the Garden

Our cat Robbie celebrates with zoomies if she has had a particularly satisfying visit to the litter box. Peep will paint the town red if I activate her favorite shoelace toy. The rest of the time, they’re 14 years old.

The black cat in this video has galloping zoomies. Note the orange cat’s stoic determination to ignore him. Cats are very good at that.

5 comments on “Cat Zoomies–In the Garden

  1. This computer will drive me bonkers. I click on reply and it says hmmm, can’t reach this page. Then, later it comes right up. I wanted to make a song suggestion for tomorrow. Lord Take All That I Have by (who else?) Carroll Roberson. Some of the other posts would not open, either, and the songs kept being
    interrupted. I will save them and try again in the morning. I think my brain is fried along with my computer.

  2. this one is not that old, and it belongs to my son. I think the program is really the problem, more than the computer itself.

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