A Cat, a Dog, and Tuna

The cat is sound asleep upstairs, in the bedroom, so it shouldn’t be a problem for you to go downstairs to the kitchen and make yourself some lunch–a procedure which involves opening a can of tuna. The dog watches intently, but doesn’t rat you out.

“Click” goes the can opener–and “thump” goes the cat as she jumps down to the floor.

For animals that do such a convincing impression of deafness, cats have remarkably sharp hearing!

4 comments on “A Cat, a Dog, and Tuna

  1. Don’t they ever, and that goes for some dogs, too. In fact, this female Aussie is even a mind reader. she knows exactly what I’m going to do before I make a move. If I pick up my purse, she is at the door, ready to go outside. That is the routine, and if I go to the kitchen, so quietly, and open the frig, there she is almost before I get there.

  2. They’re actually mind readers. I can be in and out of the kitchen all during a meal, even carrying a dish in and out, and Iggy seems to be fast asleep. But when I’m done and pick up my dishes to go wash them, Iggy jumps up and comes into the kitchen, knowing that he gets a snack while I wash the dishes. I don’t know how he discerns which trip into the kitchen is the final one.

    1. They seem to have amazing abilities to sense things. They know when you are not feeling well, or possibly recovering from surgery, and in my experience, they act accordingly. The cat waking up, simply from that first sound of the can opener,breaking into the can is amazing, however.

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