Cats: The Art of Sleep

Any ol’ human can just lie down and go to sleep. Or sit up and fall asleep.

But for cats, sleep is an art form. It follows two basic principles.

Try to find a really odd place for your nap–like the middle of a foosball game.

If you can’t find a weird place, try to sleep in a weird position. The more contorted, the better.

And every now and then, you get to do both!

4 comments on “Cats: The Art of Sleep

  1. This is timely.

    My cat was under the weather yesterday, and the weather in these parts has been a bit low, to begin with. It hasn’t rained meaningfully here for nearly two years, but now it’s been raining for days, and it’s rain of every sort, from monsoons that sound almost like hail, to slow steady rains like I remember from my days in the Midwest.

    Anyhow, my little friend had a sick stomach yesterday and all that goes with it. It seemed to have apexed right about bedtime, so when I hopped in bed, she was looking for some reassurance. Sharing a bed with this cat is alway a participation sport, anyhow, but last night, I couldn’t move a muscle without her moving to make certain that her perch on top of the blankets was as close as possible to where I had moved. Even today, when she’s obviously doing much better, she isn’t about to let me get away. With a cat, every nap is a power nap. 🙂

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