Kitten Makes the World Safe for Democracy

Many things have to be done to make the world safe for Democracy. Stopping dogs from wagging their tails is one of them.

Boldly the kitten shoulders this mission! This is no job for the faint-hearted!

Historical False Fact: The ancient Persian general Henry Goslin used to stay home whenever his dog wagged its tail.

12 comments on “Kitten Makes the World Safe for Democracy

  1. cats will usually go for anything that moves. Practice for mouse hunting, maybe?

    1. What? You have your doubts when you see Barack Obama showing up as a guest on “The Honeymooners”? (“Butt i seeen It “on” TV”!” –Joe Collidge)

    2. I knew a scientist who was greatly alarmed when he saw Shaquille O’Neal, through the magic of technology, turn up as a guest on “The Honeymooners.” “If they can do it to him, they can do it to me!” said the scientist. He had a point there.

    3. We are all exposed to misleading videos, every day. Modern techniques that allow grafting new characters into old movies and TV shows take it to a new level. This is a very bad thing.

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