‘”Activist” Calls for Hillary to “Take Over”‘ (2018)

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The only reason she isn’t president today is, the Dems are as scared of her as we are.

More proof that it’s not an “insurrection” when Democrats do it.

‘Activist’ Calls for Hillary to ‘Take Over’

This doofus wanted to state a coup d’etat in 2018. Silly ass: he didn’t realize the Deep State was working on it even as he spoke.

But it does show the Democrat mind-set–anything, absolutely anything, for power. There’s nothing they won’t do to get it. Even now they’re murdering our country. Hope and chains, baby! Hope and chains!

They waited till Election Day 2020 to execute their coup. In that sense, we have already been Fundamentally Transformed into a third-world country.

4 comments on “‘”Activist” Calls for Hillary to “Take Over”‘ (2018)

  1. Can you imagine the horror of H.C, N. P., AOC, and the “squad” being in control. Reminds me of the verses in Isaiah where it says “and women rule over them” (not a good thing)

  2. Of course, this verse (Isaiah 3:12) does not mean literal women, but men who behave as children, or are weak as women. What could be nearer to what we have? They are acting like children having tantrums, and showing no manly strength, just childish, weak behaviors.

    1. Scene from “I, Claudius”: Livia, the empress, has just been pelted with eggs and rotten tomatoes; she had gone out to yell at a mob of protesters. Her son, Emperor Tiberius: “Just for once, I wish you would act like a normal woman!”

      Livia: “I would–if I had normal men around me.”

  3. Yep, that would really help. Each gender needs to act within the natural, created guidelines.

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