Argentine Diocese Posts, Then Deletes, ‘Prayer to Pachamama’

Argentine Catholic diocese apologizes for prayer to Pachamama

What’s with our churches? Did someone tell them God now blesses idolatry?

A Catholic diocese in Argentina recently posted on its website a “Prayer to Pachamama,” a pagan “goddess” worshiped in the Andes ( They deleted it Aug. 3 and “apologized” for putting it there in the first place… after multitudes of Catholics objected.

Hey, c’mon, chill out! sez the Vatican. It’s not really idol worship! It’s spiritual, man. And it’s sort of kind of like the Virgin Mary.

Meanwhile there are plenty of Protestant seminaries–and churches–teaching goddess worship and “feminist theology,” whatever that is  We Protestants have even got “Clergy For Choice,” evangelizing for abortion. We live in a glass house, so let’s not throw stones.

An image of Pachamama was brought into the Vatican in 2019 as part of–oh, I don’t know! Some angry Catholics brought it back out and tossed it into the Tiber. The Vatican rescued the idol from the river and the Red Pope apologized for the brusque behavior.

There is no room in any Christian denomination for a pagan goddess.

I am not sure Church leaders understand this.


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  1. Many people have fallen into the pit of evil, even those who profess belief in God. Their ‘god’ is certainly not the GOD I worship.

  2. This is unbelievable. The worship of the One True God is the cornerstone of our faith. I see unscriptural and anti-scriptural teachings in many churches and I steer clear.

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