It Was Always Breathing Down Our Necks

Old Testament -

I stumbled over this 2019 post in the archives, written during the prelude to the Great Scary Measles Scare and Fizzle-Out  of 2019. No one had ever heard of COVID-19, but they were already talking about forced vaccinations–running it up the flagpole to see who’d salute it.

They Shall Be as Gods

This is a religious issue. We are talking about people who want to replace God. Who, as long ago as the Humanist Manifestos of the 1970s and earlier, were promising to get rid of all disease, war, poverty, etc., etc.–all they wanted was the absolute power to do so.

The COVID restrictions that are being loaded on our backs today did not spring full-blown from the head of Zeus. Globalist/humanist/Himmler wannabes have been waiting for many years, decades, even, for a chance to get their hot little hands around our necks. They have experimented in the real world with many of their favorite repressive measures–that’s what makes communist countries communist. They’ve tried it out on Venezuela–a triumph! People are really oppressed and miserable! Next stop, the USA.

Their Satanic goal is the enslavement of the entire human race.

Right before our eyes, they’re working on it.

4 comments on “It Was Always Breathing Down Our Necks

  1. This is true. I have been reading about this for decades, and all the organizations that are part of the game.

  2. This is how I see it. This is a plot which springs from evil, and it’s nothing new. What has changed is the fact that the degree of godly devotion in our civilization has dropped and this is being tolerated in a way that it would not have been, in previous generations.

  3. Many Christians are in countries already taken over by satanic people – North Korea, China, Iran, Venezuela. It is the church in America that is called by God to be the salt of Biblical morality. Will Christians enter the fray and intercede for God’s mercy and grace or just wait for a rapture?

    1. Definitely just wait for a rapture–so much easier that way. And while it’s waiting, the American church can found more “Clergy for Choice” groups, etc.

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