How Do We Get Our Freedom Back?

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I spy with my little eye…

As we speak, the people of Sydney, Australia, have been slapped by their government with another lockdown–this one enforced by some 300 military helicopters spying overhead and ground troops going door to door to make sure no one’s going outside except for a very few specific purposes permitted by the government ( And not too long ago, their chief health commissar–oops, sorry, I mean “official”–said people would have to stop talking to each other until she says otherwise–’cause talking spreads germs.

Here in America, the talk is all lockdowns, masks, forced vaccinations, vaccine passports (“Show us your papers. comrade!”)  mandate this and mandate that…

The question that must be asked is, After all this abuse, how do we get our freedom back? And when?

What if the COVID germ, like, doesn’t go away? Does that mean the restrictions never go away? Does that mean we never get our freedom back?

Is anyone in Congress asking this? Or are most of them just so turned on by the thought of all that power over all those people that they can’t see straight?

They should be made to tell us when the restrictions will be lifted, and when we can go back to being a free country.

New York City already has “vaccine passports.” No going anywhere or doing anything unless you can prove you’ve been shot up with an experimental drug. It’s East Berlin, circa 1961. I wonder if Mayor DeBlasio has time to start building a wall to keep people in.

We are heading toward a time when the consent of the governed will have to be withdrawn from our government. And that will be just the beginning of sorrows.

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    1. Now that they’ve learned how to steal elections, they think they can get by with Manufactured Consent. I pray the Lord will prove them wrong.

  1. I’m afraid that there are so many who have turned away from God that the only answer is doing teshuva in all sincerity in order to begin receiving forgiveness instead of judgement. We cannot have it both ways; either God’s way or our own destructive and failing ways.

  2. All last year I kept saying that people were being trained to fear and distrust each other, to obey any government order, no matter how irrational or harmful — or else YOU GONNA DIE of a heretofore unknown disease that was ravaging the world. It started with “15 days to flatten the curve,” remember? That put everyone in isolation, softening them up for the masks and social distancing. “Everyone around me is a danger to me, and I’m a danger to everyone around me.”

    And yes, it must go on and on and on, because people must grow used to it — not only to each command individually but also to the whole idea of obeying without question and punishing (or turning in to the authorities for punishment) the disobedient. A nation of paranoid hypochondriacs, conditioned to obedience, conditioned to suspect everyone else (except the government saviors) was now ready for the next step: the Vaccine, an experimental drug that gives the illusion of freedom — except that now the obedient (i.e., the jabbed) must further punish the disobedient, who are seen as endangering not only the bejabbed’s lives but also their new-found “freedom.”

    The new hypochondriacs don’t even see that constantly obeying the constantly changing commands (get the jab so you can take off the mask, wear the mask even if you’ve been jabbed, you’re immune, you can still get and/or pass on the variants, etc.) doesn’t constitute “freedom.” Demanding that everyone else obey the commands or else be considered a deadly threat doesn’t constitute “freedom.” Living in constant fear doesn’t constitute “freedom.”

    War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

    Ever since the beginning of the Wuhan hysteria I’ve been predicting everything that’s happened, and I can see even more coming. Sorry to sound so alarmist, but I seem to have the Cassandra curse, i.e., seeing what’s coming up but not being believed. I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “Phoebe, you were right about everything” from friends who’d scoffed at my warnings in the past.

  3. By getting everyone we know out to vote in November 2022 and run the Dems out of power in the House & Senate which will cut fraudulent Bide off at the knees. Then vote for Trump in 2024 – you didn’t hear anyone complaining of losing their freedoms when he was President. If you don’t believe this is God’s plan for America, then seek the Lord in prayer.

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