It’s Our 44th Wedding Anniversary!

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Forty-four years ago, Patty and I eloped to Elkton, MD, and got married. My mother wasn’t in the least bit surprised. I had to ask for Monday off, and my boss said, “Can’t you do that on your vacation?” Like I get married a lot.

We went fishing, ate crabs and crabcakes, and got married. We are sooooo glad we didn’t have one of those circus weddings in which everybody wants to get in on the act. Much more fun to eat crabs at the Howard Hotel with Billy Bob’s kung-fu school hitting on all cylinders in the room above the cafe. Happily the students came down the stairs before the lamps fell out of their fixtures.

So it’s 44 years, and we still laugh at the same things, at the same time (always a good sign!), and we want to share our joy with all of you out there. Don’t even think about me covering any nooze today. We have a nice cake to pick up, and enough horsepower left to watch a movie–maybe Jurassic World II. 

I’ll try to maintain blog service today, and I’m ready to post whatever hymns come in on this last day of the hymn contest. Mostly we’ll celebrate by resting. No sky-diving for us.

14 comments on “It’s Our 44th Wedding Anniversary!

  1. Good for you. Blessings and more blessings to both of you for your faithfulness. May your day be very special with its memories, and happiness.

  2. Congratulations, mazel tov, and cheers on this wonderful day! May God bless you and Patty with joy unending, in this world and in the next.

  3. Happy anniversary, y’all! If I ever get married I just want a small wedding with close family and friends; I’ve never wanted a big one, and as I get closer to my thirties I want a big one even less. May God bless you to have many more happy years together.

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