‘They Asked for Censorship’ (2018)

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I used to try to be a nice guy, and I let libs ‘n’ progs come in here and say their piece–only to have to kick them out when they started demeaning other readers. And they can never refrain from doing that.

There are still one or two libs I haven’t censored, because they haven’t, as it were, come into my virtual living room and peed on the sofa. But the ones who start their messages with “I’m a Republican, but–!”… well, they’re outta here.

They Asked for Censorship…

The nooze itself is provoking enough without letting leftids come in here just to call us names. They send in a lot of material that never sees the light of day, and never will.

Keeping them out has led to happier times, all in all.

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  1. You are doing a good job. We, as grown ups, know that others will not agree with us on every subject in every way, so there should be no problem. It is only if our soul purpose is to argue.

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