Burpy Dog… With Crazy Headline

I admit the spectacle of a dog burping isn’t the most sophisticated entertainment you can find. But the headline provided by Youube lifts it onto another plane.

Ready? Here it is:

“Golden Retriever Belching After Eating Video.”

Gee, they shouldn’t have let him eat all those videos. I would never let my cats eat videos.

Our ability to communicate via the written word just might be in trouble.

5 comments on “Burpy Dog… With Crazy Headline

  1. Well, that’s a new one on me. I have seen dogs eat a lot of unusual things, but never this.

  2. oh, I thought he must have done it before, and was just filmed for the burping. Silly me.

  3. Somewhere around the middle of grade school, I and my pals learned the word belch and derived a lot of entertainment from it. Back then, there weren’t any videos to eat, so we would swipe a few frames from the 16 mm films they used to show in class. Now you know why all those old school films had so many splices in them. 🙂

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