Reading a Story to Your Cat

This is as sweet as it gets–a little girl reading a story to her cat, and the cat hangs on her every word. She doesn’t just read it word for word: she rephrases and condenses as she goes along… to make it easier for the cat to understand. And the cat fights off sleep.

I’ll bet a lot of stuff like this goes on in Heaven.

5 comments on “Reading a Story to Your Cat

  1. You’re right it doesn’t get any sweeter than that. The cat seemed to be taking it all in. This is really a charming scene, and something that I am sure is in keeping with God’s plan when He made us.

  2. If only we had taken our behavioral cues from Him instead of otherwise. It will be that way again some day when He returns to establish His ways on earth again.

    1. That’s the problem. O matter how significant I consider the Fall of Mankind to be, I find that I have to constantly adjust my view of its significance upward. We fell hard when we disobeyed God.

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