Charming Little Faces

Had enough bad nooze for one day? I’m sure I have. Enter the Sappy Swordsman with a bunch of sweet little munchkin kittens.

Munchkins are bred to have short legs, which makes the rest of them look bigger. Don’t ask me to explain the decision to do that.

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  1. I can’t say I am a ‘cat person’, though I’ve known some very special ones, & loved them. But, this level of cuteness is almost too much to handle. Fuzzy angels
    This is off the fuzzy subject at hand, but, we’re drafting a post over here for next week. I want to share with others how loved lizards sometimes are by their families. I thought of you & your Iguana right away. May I link to your site & share what I recall of him (his name escapes me) (this may be the simplest way to share your story), or link to a post of your choosing? I know you are busy, I can search a location within the archives if you recall a time frame or post title I may dig up. If not, that is absolutely alright, I will enjoy your varied posts and the history you had with your beloved by myself. : )

    1. Please feel free to use my posts. My iguana’s name was Igor, but we got out of the habit of using it. My sister still calls him that, though. She had to give him a bath once, almost 50 years ago, and never forgot it–couldn’t believe he was that well-behaved.

    2. Thank you, Lee. I will hop around in the archives. If I do not find a post about Igor I will mention what you have to me & link to you. Do I recall correctly that he entered the enclosure to potty and climbed up the stairs to sleep with you during the night?

    3. He always did his business in the cage, we have a grand old photo of him toodling up the stairs–but he liked to sleep on top of his cage or on his perch, not in bed with us.

      Let me know if you need help with the archives, and I’ll see what I can do.

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