Kitten Loves Mouse on a String

Don’t worry, it’s not a real mouse. Heaven forbid. It’s just one of those toy mice that eventually gets stripped down to its bare plastic shape. Our cats have one like that.

This is a very special kitten–more interested in the toy itself than in the bag it came in. It’s my experience that nothing beats a cardboard box… although our girl Missy thought nothing beat a fresh pipe cleaner. She’d play “fetch” with those.

3 comments on “Kitten Loves Mouse on a String

  1. Coco is a little darling. I subscribe to his Tiny Kitten channel on YouTube. His breed is called munchkin, bred for very short legs (I have no idea why). He’s recently gained a playmate, a British shorthair named Mimi, possibly from the cattery that also has a YouTube channel, Teddy Kittens. The two are adorable together. They didn’t get along well at first, but now they’re good friends and curl up together.

    I think I’m having an attack of the awwwwws.

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