Trying to Catch Up!

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Somehow I’ve fallen behind in my work and no matter how hard I try, I  just can’t catch up.

(Go pick up laundry! Finish writing chapter in book! Write Newswithviews–tomorrow will be too late! Write more blog posts! Make the bed!)

Well, I’d better get outside and start writing before it gets too hot. If only some of this stuff would do itself!

See you in a bit. Maybe.

4 comments on “Trying to Catch Up!

  1. Oh, I know exactly what you are saying. I am never caught up any more. Imagine trying to do all that while experiencing major brain fog, poor vision, extreme weakness and pains everywhere. Fun, fun all the time.

  2. That illustration … I’m the figure in the back, stumbling and falling. I can’t seem to catch up, either. So I think I’ll go take a nap now and let everything pile up even more. If you don’t hear from me for the rest of the day, I’m not deserting you. I’m just wiped out.

  3. Prayers for you, too, Phoebe. I didn’t sleep beyond 12:45 this morning. I may be going for that nap soon, too.

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