Noozie: ‘Unvaccinated’ Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Buy Food

J. H. Miller Earth Invaders a.k.a. Miller Aliens - SPACEMEN FIGURES -  Alphadrome

This is what they look like when they’re not on camera.

See? See? I was right! America is being lorded over by space aliens disguised as human beings. They’ve taken over all our institutions–government, nooze media, schools and colleges, Hollywood: the whole shebang!

You can tell which ones are aliens inhabiting human bodies because they all say things like CNN’s Don Lemon does. Yes, he’s one of them. They’re all totally estranged from America. They despise the American people and are working feverishly to destroy the American way of life.

So Lemon says “the unvaccinated” shouldn’t be allowed to buy food, shouldn’t be allowed to work ( Sounding like Heinrich Himmler doesn’t bother him a bit. That he proposes to punish tens of millions of people without even a pretense of due process of law–hey, he says it with a smile. Thinks it would be kinda cool.

How did we ever wind up being ruled by these Pod People?

And please, Lord–how do we get rid of them?

6 comments on “Noozie: ‘Unvaccinated’ Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Buy Food

  1. That’s okay. Once they get ther reeducation centers and work camps set up, you won’t have to worry about starving to death because you’ll die of something else before that happens.

    The funny thing (oh ha-ha) is that what I really worry about is getting food for Iggy — or what will happen to him if I’m taken to a vaxx-refuser camp.

    1. I use Chewy’s auto ship for Iggy’s litter and disposable litter boxes. The trouble with the cat food is that everything that Iggy eats comes in cases of 24 cans, and all the variety packs, which usually contain three different varieties, include at least one variety (8 cans) that Iggy won’t or can’t eat, or that I don’t want to give him — mostly because it contains tuna, which is bad for his kidneys. And a couple of Iggy’s best flavors don’t come in variety packs at all. But if I buy individual varieties, that’s seven or eight cases of 24 cans each — which I don’t even have room for. Believe me, I’ve thought this through.

      Well, maybe I can get a jabbed friend to shop for me — if the jabbed are even allowed to associate with the unjabbed. And if I don’t wind up in a containment facility (aka concentration camp).

    2. It isn’t a matter of pleasing him; it’s a matter of keeping him from throwing up. Or at least from throwing up more than usual. 🙁 And now I’m really going to go take that nap.

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