A Peaceful End to a Cat Fight

You’d think they could take turns with the scratching pad. Boy, would you be wrong!

True, they do scratch the scratching paid; but even more, much more, they like to sleep on it. And of course there’s no question of sharing it. My cats would feel forever shamed if either consented to share the blinkin’ thing.

Have any of you ever had a cat who didn’t sleep on the scratching pad?

8 comments on “A Peaceful End to a Cat Fight

  1. I’ve never had two cats who would share much of anything, until… it was time to go out and fight the neighbor’s dog- then they teamed up very successfully and won the fight, came proudly back in the house, but… the fight was on again about who would have the grocery bag, or the box or our bed.

  2. That is an irresistible kitten. As fights go, it was pretty tame.

    Last night, I got called into work very late. It had already been a 12 hour day, and I ended up called in on a problem at 10:00 and working until after midnight. Another 2 hours + to get to sleep, and my adorable little cat decided that I needed to wake up at 5:30, this morning. Amazingly, I had a good day.

    1. Really? After all this time, Robbie and Peep still don’t get along?

      When I had to leave my red Persian, Pooh, with my mother for two years because I was shipping out to a remote location overseas, at first her Abyssinian, Jocko, terrorized him — chased him all over my mother’s apartment, “treed” him in a closet, and generally worried me half to death while I was overseas. Of course there was something farcical in the tiny Abyssinian chasing a big cobby Persian around — like a mouse chasing an elephant. But I felt terrible about subjecting Pooh to such a terrible environment, even though I had no choice.

      And then when I went back to the States on leave after the first year, I saw the same chasing going on — but on my second day there, I saw Pooh coming up behind Jocko and giving him a swat across the ears to set off another chase. It had become a game. And they actually became fast friends, or maybe I should say partners in crime at stealing food. Even from each other. Coco and Mimi have evolved this way since Mimi first arrived in Coco’s territory. They’re both darlings.

    2. Robbie and Peep close ranks whenever a moth is so bold as to trespass on their territory. The rest of the time, it’s sibling rivalry. I know the answer is “More moths!” But I’m reluctant to employ it. *Sigh*

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