Sanity Break: How Did He Do This???

I guarantee you won’t see this too often! I’ve never seen it done before, and I doubt I’ll ever see it done again.

Youth baseball game, runner on third base breaks to steal home, pitcher gets the ball to the catcher in plenty of time to tag the runner–and without breaking stride, the runner jumps clean over the catcher and lands on home plate: safe!

Somebody check for flubber in his socks.

7 comments on “Sanity Break: How Did He Do This???

    1. That’s easy — no girls or BIPOCs visible on either team. As for LGBTQETOAINSHRDLUs, there may be some, but they’re hard to distinguish because of the uniforms.
      (For those who are still unwoke, BIPOC means “black, indigenous, and/or person of color.”)

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