‘No Activity This Period’

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I keep getting this message on my Stats page: No activity this period. They aren’t far from wrong: hardly any viewership today. I’ll never understand why that happens.

Well, what am I doing, sitting here? My staring at the screen won’t generate any more activity.

Let’s go outside before it gets too hot…

8 comments on “‘No Activity This Period’

  1. Wow, I can’t get anything done this morning except answer my stupid phone, and it is always some … on a recorded line about your additional medicare benefits, bla bla bla and then shuts off. It is driving me nuts.

    1. We must have gotten a dozen of those calls yesterday–all Medicare scams. It’s why I have to write my books outdoors. Can’t concentrate, with the phone ringing off the hook and every one a nuisance call.

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