The Masks Are Back (*sigh)

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I happened to be outside when St. Francis School, across the street, dismissed its pupils for the day.

All the kids were wearing masks. The masks are back.

This is not normal life, to wear a mask all day. I have just read a teacher lamenting that he never sees his students’ faces anymore. Seeing each others’ faces is an important part of natural human communication. Our “leaders” have mandated it out of our lives.

King COVID rules, and his henchmen demand–and mostly get–extraordinary power over our lives. And there’s no indication of how long this will go on, how long we’re expected to put up with it. You never run out of germs, you know. And now we never run out of mandates.

Hyper-humanism declares that there’s nothing government cannot do, if we give it enough power and great dripping chunks of our money. Once the new system’s up and running, no one will get sick. Although if they do, it can only be because someone, somewhere, disobeyed a mandate. Can’t have that, can we? More power, more power! And eventually we grow the government to the point where nothing bad can never happen anymore.

This is madness. This is heathen madness.

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  1. It’s disgusting. And it’s not just in schools. My library has gone back to requiring masks, and one of the groceries that I go to has taken the “if you’re not fully vaccinated” qualifier off their “please wear masks” sign at the entrance. I went into the store today without a mask anyway, and no one stopped me. Pretty soon, one of the clerks told me, the masks will be mandatory again. As for the library, where I had two books on reserve, I made a point of walking up to the “masks are required” sign, making sure everyone saw me, and then I turned away, went out to the curbside pickup in the parking lot, and called them to tell them to bring the books out to me. The trouble is that I can only get reserves that way; I can’t shelve-browse any more — again. And for the past week or two, I’ve been seeing more and more masks everywhere — again.

    Funny that the more people get vaxxed, the more variants turn up and the more people are afraid of getting sick.

  2. That is a large part of the problem; people being afraid. Last time I was at my clinic, I was asked if I wanted the vaccine, and I said NO. She asked why, and I said, I am a believer in the Lord and am not afraid of the so-called virus. I have had flu in my life, and I recovered just fine. She just looked shocked, turned away and left the room.

  3. In Arkansas our Legislature passed a law there can be no more mask mandates. A single federal judge declared this unconstitutional so all the schools now require masks (I refuse to sub this year because no more mask wearing for me).

  4. Our mayor just issued a ukase (oops, I mean executive order) decreeing that masks must be worn again in all city buildings. Someone told me this after church this morning, thinking that it meant every building in the city, but the city website seems to indicate it meant only those building used by city agencies. It’ll be interesting to find out when I go to Kroger tomorrow — and my hairdresser.

    One interesting thing — which they’re having to downplay a lot — is that the vaxxed people seem to be the chief spreaders of the so-called Delta variant, which is why the vaxxed as well as the unvaxxed have to wear masks now. But no one is allowed to suggest that maybe it’s the vaxxing that’s causing the variant, or at least causing its spread.

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