What??? Afghanistan’s Not Georgetown?

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What–no feminists? Dude, you forgot the feminists?

The uninstitutionalized mental patients who constitute our State Dept. are upset about the way things are turning out in Afghanistan (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/3992900/posts).

Although “the Afghan people deserve an inclusive government,” moans the State Dept., just look what’s happening! “Lack of female leaders” in the government! Who would’ve thought it? But worst of all–

The victorious Taliban are painting over some 2,200 “murals” paid for by the American taxpayer and created by idiots who waste our money and scattered them all throughout Afghanistan.” What? The Taliban doesn’t care for murals of George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, and other assorted Woke subjects? Well I never–! Does this mean they won’t be printing any Greta Thunberg stamps?

What kind of dangle thinks Afghanistan even wants “inclusive government”? Or any other part of modern Western secular humanist crapola? They are more than happy to stick with their own medieval Muslim crapola, thank you!

Look at the morons now running our State Dept.

We’ll be lucky if our country makes it to the 2022 elections.

7 comments on “What??? Afghanistan’s Not Georgetown?

  1. and we may not make it to 2022, at the rate we are declining,
    when the scheduled day for the end arrives, it arrives

  2. The morons running the fraudulent president biden are almost to the person members of the Council of Foreign Relations. And who is the CFR? Composed of 5,000 members who constitute what we call the Deep State, or better said, the CFR is the Deep State behind the Deep State. Research the CFR and you will find they are for a New World Order. And why are they never talked about by our Conservative media??

  3. I have wondered the same thing. Everything is hush-hush about them, although I have read about them for at least 20 years. They and their buddy organizations have been at it for a long time.

    1. If they’re all as stupid as this current crowd in the State Dept., they’d be utterly incapable of any kind of conspiracy. They’re astounded that the Taliban doesn’t practice gender equality???

  4. LOL, LOL, yeah, that’s a good one. When male members of families murder female members who do not meet their expectations according to the “religion”?

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