What? No Newswithviews?

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A book with blank pages… the sound of one hand clapping… Lee’s Newswithviews column…

As if it weren’t hard enough keeping this blog from kicking the bucket at a moment’s notice, I have just discovered that my weekly Newswithviews piece… ain’t there.

All that work of sitting outside among the mosquitoes, writing it–up in smoke, it seems. I’ll have to find out what happened to it.

For now, there’s a big fat hole in today’s menu that I don’t know how to fill.

Maybe just go back to bed…

Update: The column appeared later than usual, but not in time for me to post it today. So I’ll have it for you tomorrow.

6 comments on “What? No Newswithviews?

  1. Your article may be appearing under someone else’s byline. It’s happened before — and vice versa, with someone else’s column appearing under yours. Or then again, maybe it’ll pop up tomorrow.

    Ain’t technology grand?

  2. It seems as if anything else could screw up, it would. Every day, a new challenge, and I hate stuff like this.
    Mis-spellings, misplaced items, lost items, just on and on. Going back to bed is always a challenge

  3. Lee, as I suspected, your NWV column didn’t disappear; it just got bumped. I saw it this morning. (Great column, by the way.)

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