‘And Now… The “Mad Pooper”‘ (2017)

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“Look inside yourself” may not be good advice for some people.

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Remember this? Although they had lots of witnesses, plus videotape, police in Colorado Springs couldn’t catch this woman who liked to enhance her morning jog by crapping on people’s lawns.

And Now… the ‘Mad Pooper’

Do you ever get the impression that our culture is coming unglued? How much full-blown lunacy does it take to put a civilization down for the count?

I wonder what the Indus Valley people were “celebrating” and “affirming” when their whole civilization went bust.

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  1. Hello. I did leave a reply on the only other post I saw, didn’t it get through?
    I had heard of this situation some time ago, and it is hard to believe that anyone could be this insane. She needed to be in a padded cell.

  2. The famous case of the person running around in the Springs, defiling people’s lawns. When this madness was getting a lot of press, a few years back, it occurred to me that we were opening the door to a lot of disease transmission because of this. Just sayin’.

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