What? No Newswithviews?

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A book with blank pages… the sound of one hand clapping… Lee’s Newswithviews column…

As if it weren’t hard enough keeping this blog from kicking the bucket at a moment’s notice, I have just discovered that my weekly Newswithviews piece… ain’t there.

All that work of sitting outside among the mosquitoes, writing it–up in smoke, it seems. I’ll have to find out what happened to it.

For now, there’s a big fat hole in today’s menu that I don’t know how to fill.

Maybe just go back to bed…

Update: The column appeared later than usual, but not in time for me to post it today. So I’ll have it for you tomorrow.

What? No Newswithviews?

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It seems strange to have a Thursday without a column on Newswithviews, but I just had to beg off this week. I’m tired, I’m busy, it’s hard to juggle all my different writing assignments–I just couldn’t do it this week.

So of course now I feel like I’ve let down the side–although there were no referrals from NWV listed here for three weeks in a row. But that may be another WordPress error.

I’ll try to get back into action next week.

If Democrats win the election next month, you’ll find a lot of conservative voices silenced. For good.

They might even get around to stifling me.

My Day (Oh, Well…)

Image result for images of man walking on very hot day

As part of my efforts to get enough exercise to keep me out of the hospital, I walked to the Y this morning–about three miles round trip, not counting a couple of rather steep hills. I tried to get underway before it was too hot, but I was still pretty well broiled by the time I got there. So I had a nice long shower and then walked back home, via Tommy’s Pond. Covered with sweat by the time I got here, but at least it was new sweat.

But suddenly it’s 4:30, almost suppertime. How did that happen? I smoked a cigar, worked on The Silver Trumpet (Lord Chutt is painting himself into a very bad corner), and then we had to run out and buy groceries. And now it’s 4:30. *Sigh*

This morning I was distressed to discover that my Newswithviews article today included no link to my blog. That was soon fixed, but it cost me probably 50 views.

The way it works, or is supposed to work, NWV leads readers to my blog, and the blog leads readers to my books. If only. It’s a hard job to come up with a NWV column every week, trust me on that. I’d at least like a better chance to sell some books.

Why am I going on like this? I dunno–probably I cooked my brain by walking in this heat.

See you all later.

My News With Views Column is Up Today

Several of you have already let me know you saw the column today, although some are still having problems with what NWV insists is an unfair and erroneous Malware warning that blocks the reader from its page. I’ve run into that again today, trying to click on NWV from my own stats page–but it works okay if I try to go there from the Bing search page.

Anyhow, “The Spirit of Lawlessness” has been published today, and you can read it at http://www.newswithviews.com/Duigon/lee352.htm/ . I already expect this link not to work, but I’ll have to put up this post before I can find out.

I’ll be very pleasantly surprised if the link works for you. If it doesn’t, and you want to read the column, try accessing the NWV site from your search page.

P.S.–*sigh* Nope, the link doesn’t work. You just wind up with the “Potential Attack Page” warning.

If someone is doing this to Newswithviews on purpose, I’m pretty sure it’s against the law and very likely a felony.

My Missing NWV Column Has Been Found

Okay, it was an email failure: Newswithviews never got my column this week, nor did they get my email asking what happened.

They have the column now and it’ll be published either tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday at the latest.

Oh, well… I’ve already written next week’s column, and you saw it first right here.