Mission Accomplished, I Guess

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I disconnected the old monitor, took it to Office Depot so I could ask for an exact replacement-sorry, no dice: “But this one is just like it.” Took it home, cleaned out the computer hutch–I mean, there were mythical creatures nesting in it–assembled the new monitor… and finally tried to hook it up. That was not accomplished without a great deal of impassioned language. Technology and me, very bad mix. Patty had to plug in the last whatsit. For some reason it worked when she did it.

The whole thing took a little over an hour and a half, and I’m already about 80 views down from yesterday. But we’ve got a new monitor! The old one had gotten into a bad habit of showing everyone’s faces in a movie as bright flaming red or hoo-hah glaring yellow.

I am told I get too excited and it’s bad for my blood pressure. Well… keep me away from electronics and cars. If I had servants to do these things, I’d be as cool as a cucumber.

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  1. Well don’t feel alone in your problems. I just now got back on line We had a power outage this morning that lasted over two hours, so everything was kaput. Had to order a new phone and going through that process was enough to make me a nervous wreck, shaking all over and having to take a valerian cap just to get through the afternoon. I just can’t cope with “stuff” any more. grrrrr

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