I Don’t Have It Today

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I haven’t got it today, and that’s that.

If this blog isn’t up to snuff today, it’s because I’m not, either. Just realized I haven’t even made the bed yet.

I’m going to try working on my book now. I’ve had my cigar, and that helped. The story has begun to excite me again, and I’ve got about two more months in which to finish telling it.

See you this evening. *Sigh*

6 comments on “I Don’t Have It Today

  1. You are not alone. I just got back from the city for the shopping, and I am wiped out. Nothing even makes sense to me right not. See ya later.

  2. Priorities, Lee. The book needs to be near the top way above the bed. Martin Luther before he got married to Katherine would go months without making his bed because he did not have time for it. 🙂 Every time I post a comment I wait to see if it gets posted, and when it does I always thank the Lord because so many of them don’t seem to take?

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