Kitten: ‘That’s a Load of… What?’

Can a curious kitten and a load of wash salvage today’s blogging disaster? Viewership is a good seven hours behind what it should be at this time. I don’t know why that happens. Would it help if I invented some good news and reported that?

Anyhow, watch the kitty try to figure out what all that round-and-round is all about. You can almost see the wheels turning…

One comment on “Kitten: ‘That’s a Load of… What?’”

  1. He even looks under the washer to see if there’s something underneath causing all that motion. What can I say? I just love cats.

    A cat anecdote from real life. I am careful with my hearing and wear ear plugs when I mow the yard. When I’m done mowing. I rinse them off and let the dry. For the last month, I had concealed my ear plugs behind an envelope and certain felines were noe the wiser. The, two days ago, my cat was climbing my shelves and pulling things to the ground. Somehow, somehow, she had discovered the ear plugs and HAD to have them. How she ever saw them, I do not know, but she was obsessed. Once said ear plugs had been “liberated” and chewed to bits, she returned to her docile self. 🙂

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