Lawsuit Filed Against California Schools Teaching Worship of Aztec Gods

There is no such thing as 'Human Sacrifice'”

This is what they’re “teaching” kids in California schools.

I wish this were a satire, but it isn’t.

Earlier this year, the state school board of California (where else?) unanimously adopted an “ethnic studies curriculum” teaching the worship of Aztec gods–a pagan religion infamous for its massive human sacrifices: and the Thomas More Society this month has filed a lawsuit to stop it (

The curriculum, says the lawsuit, displays “an animus toward Christianity,” which is putting it mildly. “Crazed vitriolic hatred” would be more accurate.

This bilge is to be taught to 6 million children in over 10,000 public schools.

The suit argues that this “curriculum” is a blatantly unconstitutional establishment of religion. And oh–they’re also going to teach the kiddies to pray and chant to the “divine force” of the Yoruba religion.

The school board has offered no comment on the lawsuit.

I can’t get into all the insane details of this lunatic policy. We are surely “educating” ourselves to death, and it has to stop. Meanwhile, what are parents thinking, allowing this garbage to be pumped into children’s heads? Why haven’t they pulled their children out of these schools?

We really must be crazy.

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  1. I used to wonder how the mass hystera outbreaks happened in the past, when it seemed that the entire populations of multiple communities went into insane self-destructive frenzies. Now I’m watching it happen in real time.

  2. I was educated in the public schools of California in the 1960’s and received good instruction in the basics of knowledge (except for the teaching of evolution). I remember studying about the Aztecs and how brutal and pagan they were, not how to pray to their gods. If the San Andreas Fault line should move half of California into the ocean would anyone who believes in God’s justice be surprised?

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