Can I Have a Do-Over?

How to Get a Cat Out of a Tree: 4 Ways | PetCoach

Look at this: going on noon, and I’m still trying to put up my first post on this computer.

First Peep jumps up onto a cabinet and knocks my Witch Box manuscript behind the radiator, which cannot be moved. This lets me in for 30 minutes of fun, crawling around in a cramped space when I already have a cramp, moving heavy furniture. Finally got it back out.

Sat down at the computer and kablooey, it goes rogue on me. Another half an hour up the spout. What does this machine think it’s doing?

Well, let’s just see if this post actually winds up getting posted. Here goes…

5 comments on “Can I Have a Do-Over?

  1. The post posted! 🙂
    What a pretty kitty up in the tree. Is that your next chore, getting the kitty down from the tree? (Just joking.)

    1. In my time I’ve had the experience of getting various cats down from trees. I once looked out my upstairs bedroom window to find our cat Henry looking at me from out on a little bitty branch.
      The solution: don’t let the cats out anymore.

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