My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 16 (‘Dancing on the Brink of Doom’)

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You’ve all seen pix of AOC’s stupid gown by now. Here’s a nice pretty lizard instead.

Let’s face facts: our ruling class is garbage. We are governed by garbage.

You don’t believe me? Check out Alexandria O’Crazy-O-Cortez and her “Tax the Rich” gown at the annual Met gala.

Dancing on the Brink of Doom

All these Far Left Crazy elitists getting together, at $30,000 a ticket, to show off their $30,000 gowns and blather about what an evil oppressor country America is–I mean, are they laughing in our faces or what? We’re supposed to be locked down while they party.

Metropolitan Museum of Art–which includes the art of heaping hypocrisy to the skies.

God’s gonna cut you down…

5 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Sept. 16 (‘Dancing on the Brink of Doom’)

  1. A very pretty lizard, and looks more intelligent than AOC.

    At the end of your article, you say “God must be awfully mad at us.” Just this morning after Mass, a few of us were speculating on what the population of Sodom might have been when God agreed to spare them if Abraham could find ten just men — and how many just men we’d have to find in America to keep the same proportion of just men to the entire population. We weren’t sure it could be done — finding the just men, that is, not figuring the proportion.

    And of course we were using “men” in the generic sense of “people.” There aren’t many wokesters at my church, at least not among those who go to 7am Mass every morning.

  2. I have the good fortune of not paying any attention to what Sandy Cortez or the rest of the unregenerates that are currently in leadership positions in our federal gov’t say or do. When I read Breitbart’s news page I skip all articles about what celebrities or Democrats say – I could care less. I find it so annoying that the conservative shows I like are always featuring the outrageous things being said on CNN & MSNBC. Who cares – why give them the time of day? If a Christian and in the news business, your M.O. should be “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.”

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