Mayor to School Board: ‘Resign or Be Charged’

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What goes on behind closed classroom doors?

The mayor of Hudson, Ohio, has told the town’s school board members they must either resign or be charged with distributing child pornography–under the guise of educational material (

“I’ve spoken to the judge,” said Mayor Craig Shubert.

At issue is a book of “writing prompts” called 643 Things to Write About–including, for instance, an instruction to “write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom.” I don’t think my parents would have been amused. But that was way back when the public used to have some say about the public schools that they, and no one else, paid for.

The Superintendent of Schools admitted there was “inappropriate material” in the textbook–but, he said, it was never used and “we collected the books.” And, like, sorry about that! He also admitted “We didn’t do due diligence” in selecting course materials.

We mustn’t be so hung up on tyrannical, unconstitutional COVID “mandates” that we lose sight of all the rest of the serious mischief being done to our country. Leftids have set fires in numerous places, all of which have to be put out. When we rush to extinguish a fire in the closet, they start one in the kitchen; and when we run to the kitchen, they start a fire in the garage.

If indeed the board can show that the book of “writing prompts” was taken away before any students had a chance to see it, the defense might have a case.

But in any event, our “educators” must be reined in. They’ve done too much damage already.

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  1. Good for that mayor! I hope this technique catches on. Most teachers don’t know it is legal to quote the Founding Fathers in the public schools. They are filled with testimonies of the faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ. In Arkansas it is the law you can have a sign hung up in every public school classroom by the U.S. flag if the plague is purchased by a private group. In Fort Smith we have a committee working on this project.

  2. Evil is never far from the door. I haven’t seen the material, and wouldn’t care to see it, but anything that promotes sexual activity to minors is very serious and should be treated as a threat.

    Back in the ‘70s, there was a period of time when pretty much anything went. Some controversial sex education materials were being produced and eventually, targeted legislation was created making it a crime to create, distribute or possess explicit imagery of minors. They were able to do this because in order to produce such materials, a crime would have to be committed against the minors involved. To this day, possession of child pornography is treated very seriously and occasionally we hear of high-profile prosecutions for this. I spoke with an Army MP detective a few years ago and he said that investigations and prosecutions for this were not uncommon. Of course, low-profile cases are unlikely to ever see light of day as news stories.

    As I said, I wouldn’t care to know the details of the materials involved in this Hudson, Ohio case, but as I see it, anything that encourages sexual activity among minors strikes me a terribly inappropriate. Explaining such matters is one thing, but I believe that is up to the parents and not the schools. Among my peers, most of us had little, if any, explanation of these matters by our parents and this is the source of much resentment, even into adulthood. Frankly, I don’t feel that the schools should be involved in this part of a child’s education.

    Ultimately, if you peel back the layers, the public education system creates a dilemma for itself. The education system has to know what background knowledge children possess, so they have to assume that the children don’t know anything they weren’t taught in school. So, according to their plans, a student has to have sex education, or they have to assume that the child knows nothing of this matter. The problem is that the standards of the school system are not the values parents may wish to have taught their offspring.

    Public education started with the Three Rs, but has branched into all sorts of other areas. It has never occurred to many people that perhaps forcing children into the education system is not a good solution. Home schooling wasn’t an option when I was growing up, and I regret that greatly. Had I been given the freedom to learn at my own pace. I probably could have completed my actual learning much more rapidly, and then been able to focus on correcting my weaknesses (such as written English) and pursuing the subjects that interested me, such as electrical theory and Aviation.

    Had I been allowed to do this, I would have had motivation to learn algebra, geometry and trigonometry, instead of just keeping up with the class. As it was, I had to revisit much of these subjects as an adult, because what little exposure I had in public school did not teach any practical application of these subjects. It’s one thing to know how to calculate a vector sum and quite another to understand why one would need to calculate a vector sum.

    In the workplace, it is far too common to find people that are all theory and zero practice. They have impressive credentials, but don’t necessarily understand how to apply the information they possess.

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