Now I’ve Got to Bear Down

Tricks for Writing Under Pressure - Shut Up & Write!

Okay! Grocery shopping’s done, banking’s done. Time to get outside and write like a boat was sinking under me.

I reckon I’ve got two months, at most, to finish writing The Witch Box. It’s not so much fun trying to do that when it’s so cold, the ink won’t flow from the pen; but you can’t go indoors because it’s so blamed hard to concentrate when you’re getting nuisance robo-calls every ten minutes.

Gee–see that pen in the picture? I’ve got one just exactly like it. But you can tell it isn’t me up there because my thrifty soul would violently recoil from wasting so much paper.

I’m not going to stop blogging, but I’ll need your help, O reader, in bringing up interesting topics and starting conversations.

Well, as the feller once said, “Shut up and write!”

8 comments on “Now I’ve Got to Bear Down

  1. I won’t waste your time or bore you with details, but I have so many issues to deal with today, I doubt I will be any help. If it slows down any, I’ll try.

    1. Erlene, you’re one of the three people I’ve been offering up my daily Holy Communion for because of their ongoing health problems. I hope you don’t mind sharing with the other two, but God is infinite, and infinity divided by three is still infinite. 🙂

  2. If you have a landline phone, unplug it or at least turn off the ringer so calls can still get through to your voice mail or answering machine. If you have a cell phone, put it in airplane mode. Ah, blessed silence.

    1. No cell phones, no smartphones, no spyphones here.
      I don’t like to turn off the bell, in case it’s a family member with something I need to hear right away.

  3. Forgot to ask for prayer for my knees. Do not know what is wrong but they are giving e lots of pain. thank you.

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