Cat & Dog Wrasslin’ Match

This dog wants to play and is giving the cat no choice in the matter. How agile they are, both of them! It’s even better than real, genuine, honest-to-goodness pro wrestling.

Appalling False Fact: Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan was regularly defeated by a cat named Whiskers.

One comment on “Cat & Dog Wrasslin’ Match”

  1. That’s a great video. Obviously, both of them were enjoying the play and both of them remaining engaged, voluntarily.

    I had a tomcat that was about a year old when a friend of mine bought a puppy. The puppy grew up being regularly in contact with the cat and, of course, the puppy wanted to play (because puppies always want to play). So my cat and this puppy would spar on a regular basis, and when the puppy was fully grown, it ended up about the same size as the cat, so it all worked out well.

    What I observed was that they had very different fighting styles. The cat wrestled, grabbing onto the dog and using the classic kick technique. The dog was more like a boxer, jabbing (with its snout) and then backing away. Sometimes they would go for long periods of time, rolling around on the floor.

    Then I got a second cat, and she didn’t have much use for dogs. When the tomcat and the dog would start their matches, she would look at me, wondering why I allowed her feline brother to be harassed by this dog. She tended not to intervene, but it obviously troubled her to see a fellow feline suffering the indignity of this dog. A good time was had by all. 🙂

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