FDA Official Calls for Forced Vaccines

How do people like this wind up in our government?


Project Veritas interviewed FDA economist Taylor Lee–who favors forced vaccinations (no consent asked or given!), a government registry of unvaccinated persons… and overcoming African-Americans’ “mistrust” by shooting them with a blowdart.

I’m willing to believe that this is not a serious person, just a doofus showing off his imagined wit to an interviewer; but that’s the most charitable interpretation. Besides which, we seem to have more than a few out-and-out fascists in our government.

We pay their salaries. They despise us.

Who do these people think they are? And how do we get rid of them?


13 comments on “FDA Official Calls for Forced Vaccines

  1. [Note: Please understand that the following is sarcasm, and I do NOT wish physical harm on anyone. But….]

    “How do we get rid of them?” you ask, Well, he did mention blow darts, didn’t he?

    1. Okay, I give up trying to write on my phone with a crippled hand. Praise be to God for your healing, Ina.

  2. It’s a fact that people who have had the Covid flu have more antibodies against it than those who are fully vaccinated, by far – so why the tyrannical push to make everyone get vaccinated? And why are not the people who have died or gotten seriously sick just from taking the vaccine not reported on? A breaking point is soon to be reached – let’s hope it is among God’s elect so we can see another Great Awakening.

  3. I’m even more appalled by the reporter, who says he has no problem with keeping a vaxx registry so unvaxxed people “can be excluded from things they should be excluded from until they get vaxxed or the covid is under control,” and who also “has no problem” with children being taken from their parents and vaxxed without parental permission. And I don’t call him OR the people at the FDA jidrools. I call them all dangerous.

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