Corruption Probe Forces Australian Premier to Resign

New South Wales premier Gladys Berejiklian attends the Remembrance Day Service at Martin Place in Sydney, Australia November 11, 2020. Saeed Khan/Pool via REUTERS

Has her hand been in the cookie jar?

Australia is having a very bad time of it, lately. And it’s not just the country’s COVID panic, either.

The premier of the state of New South Wales, Gladys Berajiklian, has announced her resignation in response to a corruption probe that seems to be zeroing in on her and other government officials ( This is the premier of the state who ordered its people to stop talking to one another.

This probe has been going on for years. Another New South Wales premier was forced to resign in 2014, charged with receiving as a “gift” a $3,000 bottle of wine. Other officials have been charged with receiving cash gifts in return for helping Chinese nationals to acquire fraudulent visas.

It’s complicated.

Don’t you love it when the people who presume to order you around and lock you down are themselves guilty of all sorts of mischief–for which they are lavishly rewarded?

Berajiklian, who has been premier of NSW since 2017, insists she’s as clean as Ivory Soap. Maybe someday we’ll know, one way or another.

Meanwhile, we have this “Great Reset” by crooks and scalawags who want to rule us–all for our own good, of course.

Feh! Well, here in America we have our own Big Guy to rob us blind.

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  1. Some day soon these people are not even going to be able to walk down the streets for the things they have done.

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